ALD XPLLO Pod vs. OEM ODM Nicotine CBD POD Comparison Review

2022-11-27 06:17:04 By : Ms. Cathy Zhao

A large Chinese company ALD Group introduced new pods called XPLLO Pod and OEM ODM Nicotine CBD POD. The OEM ODM Nicotine CBD Vape Pod features a compact body design to fit different usage scenarios for beginners and professionals. As a better vape pod to be considered, it comes with an upgraded MICROFEEL ceramic heating element that tends to deliver excellent flavor to your nicotine salt and CBD juice. And The ALD XPLLO Pod has a rather big set of various features, including support for two different cartridges. In this article, we will see What’s the difference between ALD XPLLO Pod vs. OEM ODM Nicotine CBD POD Kits? Let’s check out a quick comparison review of both devices here.

The ALD Group XPLLO Pod comes in a laconic aluminum alloy case without obtrusive decor, featuring smooth shapes. The ALD Group XPLLO Pod is currently available in five colors. The sub-system has moderate dimensions and low weight – 60 g. The line starts, by the way, in five different colors – the classics are represented by a minority. The removable cartridge is of standard small capacity, the mouthpiece is flattened, and side refilling is not quick. The evaporator is built-in, and the heating element is made on a grid. Oxymed Oxygen Concentrator

ALD XPLLO Pod vs. OEM ODM Nicotine CBD POD Comparison Review

The OEM ODM Nicotine CBD has a transparent design so users can keep track of the remaining juice before it is finished. To increase this product quality, classy and premium look, the manufacturers made the pod case from aluminum alloy material. It comes with a 1.3-ohm mesh resistance coil that is able to deliver up to the very last puff.

The ALD Group XPLLO Pod boasts two activation modes, namely Auto-Draw and Press-to-Fire – a puff sensor and a puff activation button. The device is equipped with a 580 mAh battery and is charged to 100% in less than an hour using Type-C charging, and also supports operation while connected to the network. To refill the cartridge, you need to snap off the side cover and fill it with liquid to a special mark. Cartridges have two blowing options, namely MTL and DTL – to select the right one, you need to rotate the cartridge 180 degrees.

OEM ODM Nicotine CBD Vape Pod accommodates a powerful 400mAh battery that is ready to last users for a considerable long period of vaping time. There is a smart indicator that shows battery life in different forms. lastly, the pod can be charged through the USB Type- C port. OEM ODM Nicotine CBD Vape Pod has four (4) circuit protection which include; overload protection, short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, and overheating protection. In addition, the conical shape air tunnel can greatly reduce much spit-back in order to deliver the best vaping experience. Still, on the design aspect, this vape pod features a friendly on-lip PCTG food-grade mouthpiece.

According to several aspects comparison between ALD XPLLO Pod vs. OEM ODM Nicotine CBD POD Kits, they are both budget Vape kits which are affordable, Both come with different specs you can check out. So according to what exactly you might be looking for, you can find, it in Design, Hardware, and Features. According to the overall comparison with ALD XPLLO Pod and OEM ODM Nicotine CBD POD Kits, you will know the main difference and similarities.

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ALD XPLLO Pod vs. OEM ODM Nicotine CBD POD Comparison Review

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